Once you have been added to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry, you may visit a dispensary. This can be a little confusing at first. So we would like to give you an idea about what to expect, with a description of the patient’s experience at The Botanist in Canton. You have a choice as to which dispensary you wish to patronize, and are under no obligation to purchase your medicine there.

Because medical cannabis is a controlled substance, the patient’s experience at a dispensary is similar to that of a passenger going through TSA security at an airport. There are security checkpoints throughout, including a one-way flow of patient traffic from the front entrance door, through the ordering and fulfillment area and finally out into the parking lot.

At your first visit to a new dispensary, you will be asked to fill out a short intake form. Turn it in to the front desk attendant when you have completed it.  Be ready to show your Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry card, and the valid Ohio Driver’s License or State ID card you used when you were registered. The attendant at the front desk will scan both documents to verify your identity and the number of medicine days you have available. 

Patients in Ohio are allowed to possess 90 days worth of medical cannabis.  A day’s dose in the State of Ohio is 2.83 grams, or 1/10th of 1 ounce (28.3 grams), so 90 days’ supply is 9 ounces. You will not be allowed to purchase more medical cannabis than you are allowed to possess by law.

Once you are checked in, you may look over the menu while you wait in the lobby for an attendant to call you. Or you may look online here: and click “View Menu”

Currently, the only legal delivery method for ingesting medical cannabis in Ohio is flower, or the buds from the cannabis plant and sublingual tinctures. Patients may only grind and vaporize the flower, and are not permitted to smoke it or cook with it. There will be at least a dozen choices of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains listed on the menu, along with their parent plants, terpene profiles, and percentages of THC and CBD.

The number of patients allowed into the ordering and fulfillment area is limited. The attendants have badges that allow them to unlock the doors, which for security reasons are like an airlock on a ship. The second door will not open until the first door closes.

Once inside, the attendant will direct you to a counter where you can consult with an agent and place your order. You will be asked once again to show your valid Ohio Driver’s License or State ID card, and your registry card. The agent will scan these and enter your order into the computer. You do not pay at the time you place your order, but rather when you pick it up. Only cash is accepted, and sales tax is added. For your convenience, there is an ATM that charges $3 per transaction inside the ordering and fulfillment area.

You will wait a few minutes while your order is filled.  There is a room like a bank vault behind the agents’ counter, where the medicine is kept and from which orders are filled.  Once your order is ready, the dispensers in the back room will place it in a small two-door vault between the two rooms. The agent will hand it to you, and you will pay for the medicine then. Once your transaction is complete, you will be directed to exit through another airlock double door and out into the parking lot. Remember that the second door will not open until the first one closes.

See below for a list of nearby dispensaries that are currently open for business.  Bear in mind that new locations are opening all the time.  We do our best to keep the list up-to-date.  Please also note that selections change frequently at the dispensaries, with menus updated sometimes twice or three times a day. Check the dispensaries’ websites for the most current information.